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We are an information sharing based website, help people to find businesses and near by places. We choose various ways to gather informations that apperas in our website.

We are giving credit to websites/person from where/whom we have taken reference. The purpose of using data is not to spreading business or violate any copyright law but to spreading knowledge and information for the ease of convenience. Below is the list of credit holder websites/blogs/books/person and we respect their hard work and efforts into creating them: source content credit

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  • We are an online blogging agency, provide information to readers based on tourist places, businesses in Sultanganj and its near by areas. Our content is based on authors personal experience, study, experiment, online research, books and some other websites/blogs. We do not guarantee for authenticity of any content written in this website but they are genuine at the level of authors knowledge. Hence we do not accept responsibility for any kind of false or misleading information in our article content and we strongly recommend you to ask an expert for the same. We do not promote any paticular Religion, we love to share every important tourist places in Sultanganj and near by areas.

    However, if you find anything inappropriate in our website you may write us on: We will report to the concerned team.

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